Baby Carrier for Twins – Top 5 Comparison

Are you having twins? Congratulation!!! Having a baby is the most precious thing in the world. You got luckier than other parents because you are twin mom. Isn’t it amazing?

Hold on….. Is it really that much amazing? How am I going to deal with them? Two babies at once! Will I ever be able to take care of them? Two hands are not enough to look after even one baby. So, what am I supposed to do with two at once?  It’s not like carrying a single baby.

This is where baby wearing will come to save you. There are baby carriers which are perfect for twins out there in the market. You just have to have a search and you will find your life savior.

Why do twin baby carrier is needed?

There’s no doubt, a baby is the most precious things anyone can ever have. When you get your newborn twins, it really is a blessing. Parents with twins have no idea how lucky they are. Taking care of them may be a bit difficult at first. But, you should never worry about it. With time you will love the experience of looking after twins. Do not let anything to take away this wonderful experience from you.

A baby carrier will always help you when you have a baby. So does with twins.

Is it even possible to wear twins? Of course, it is.

But, why should I wear my babies? I just can lay them on a sheet and do my work.

Let me explain to you why it is important for babywearing twins

  1. Sharing time evenly with both babies

Trust me without a twin baby carrier you will give attention to one baby more than the other. You may not even know that you are doing so. But, when you wear them, both the babies are closer to you. Both will feel the warmth of their mother at the same time. In the meantime, you will feel the love of two beautiful souls at once. This will help to grow the bond between the twins too.

  1. It makes your hands free

You cannot hold on to your babies the whole day, no matter how much you want to do so. With babies in the home, the workload will double. You have to look after the twins. Also, you should finish your household work. The best option is to have a twin baby carrier. With this, you can have your babies close to you while doing your work. Your hands will be free. You will be able to do free movements.

  1. Easier to breastfeed

Breastfeeding your baby inside a comfy carrier will give more privacy and closeness as well. When you have a twin baby carrier, you can breastfeed both your babies at the same time. This will save plenty of your time and will help you to manage your day.

  1. Best way to keep the whole family closer

What if you have one or two more kids, other than the twins? You should keep an eye on them too. Wearing the wins will be an advantage in this case. Especially when your whole family goes for an outing. You are wearing the twins, so they are safe. Meanwhile, you can keep an eye on your other kids too. You can take them to a park to where ever they love, still carrying the twins.

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Things to consider when selecting a twin carrier 

Selecting a baby carrier is not an easy task at all. You cannot just go to a shop and buy a carrier just like you are buying groceries from the mall. You need to look for a single carrier to carry both kids. So, here are the most important facts you should consider when selecting a baby carrier for your twins.

  1. Age of the twins
  2. Comfort
  3. Safety
  4. Weight limit
  5. Carrier positions
  6. Durability
  7. Your budget
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Best baby twin carrier for twins

Now let’s see what the best baby carriers for your twins are.

  1. Wraps – Always start with a wrap

We recommend you to go for a wrap baby carrier with your infant twins. Wraps are the perfect carriers to keep your twins safe and warm during their first few months. But you should be very careful in the style of wrapping. You should practice how to wear the wrap correctly before using it with your twins. It’s much easier to breastfeed within a wrap. Your hands are free, so you can engage in your other works too. Your twins can sleep peacefully feeling your heartbeat. So, a wrap is the perfect choice for newly born twins. The list of the best baby wraps for twins is as follows.

  • Boba wrap
  • Moby wrap
  • Baby K’tan wrap
  • NuRoo pocket
  • Nesting days

You can easily find a twin wrap which suits your style and budget.

  1. TwinGo Original Double Baby Carrier

The TwinGo Original Baby Carrier is our all times favorite when it comes to twin baby carriers. This carrier allows you to carry your twins in an ergonomic design front and back positions. The best thing is you can separate the two carriers whenever you want. Then both the parents separately can carry one baby, when they want.


  • High in comfort and safety
  • Two sleep hoods
  • Two large pockets to pack diapers and other basic essentials (easy storage)
  • Comes in different appealing colors
  • Comfortable, padded shoulder straps
  • Can carry up to 70 pounds
  • Panel extender to provide additional head and neck support

Keep in mind to wear the baby with a higher weight in the back carrier. You should always keep your babies facing inward. You can buy this TwinGo Original Baby Carrier for just over $200.

  1. The Twingaroo Twin Baby Carrier

Welcome to one of the most famous and award-winning twin baby carriers. This carrier can hold two babies, each weighing up to 35 pounds. It comes in three basic colors; khaki, black and blue.


  • Two large diaper bags
  • Two insulated holders to keep baby bottles
  • A comfortable, wide padded belt
  • A front pouch to store items such as keys, phones, etc.


  • Cannot be separated to use by two people
  • Not accessible to internal storage while wearing

You can buy a Twingaroo for about $170. Just as in TwinGo carrier, in here too you should keep in mind to wear the larger baby in your back. Always keep your babies facing inward.

Baby carrier for twins

  1. The Twintrexx Twin Baby Carrier

This too is one of the best twin baby carriers you should never miss. The Twintrexx is a versatile carrier. The best thing is, this carrier offers you five carrying positions. Is it even possible? Of course, it is. Two carrying positions are specially designed to carry twins at once; both the babies in the front/ one in the back and other in the front. The other three positions are there when you want to carry one baby.


  • Cushioned carrier with extra comfort
  • External storage pockets
  • Comes with a storage bag or external pockets to pack and keep the carrier when not in use
  • Can be separated
  • Babies can be either faced inward or outward


  • Limited weight capacity (each carrier can hold only about 25 pounds)
  • Sometimes it is difficult to get on and off

The Twintrexx comes in a beautiful burgundy color. You can buy this for around $130 on the market.

  1. The Twintrexx2 Twin Baby Carrier

The Twintrexx2 is an updated version of Twintrexx twins baby carrier. This is specially designed for bigger twins. Each carrier can hold a baby up to 40 pounds. Let’s see what updates are added to this amazing Twintrexx2.


  • Wider seat base for bigger babies
  • Front flaps which open completely (so, it is much easier to get the babies in and out)
  • Easier to wear
  • Higher comfort and safety
  • Can be separated and used by two people
  • Incorporated diaper bag
  • Two sleeping hoods


  • Not recommended to babies smaller than 10 pounds
  • Babies should be kept only facing inward

The Twintrexx2 Twin Baby Carrier comes in black color, which goes well with any of your fashions. You can buy this for about $170.

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Top Comparison

Bonus – Other than these 5 products, I will introduce you another two most popular products for below comparison

ProductPrice ($)SpecialityWeightCapacity
Boba wrap39.95Easy & Comfortable1.76 pounds7 to 45 pounds
Moby wrap39.60Very comfortable1.85 pounds8 to 35 pounds
Baby K’tan wrap49.95Lightweight & Comfortable1 pounds8 to 35 pounds
TwinGo Original Baby Carrier214.95Easy, Adjustable & Comfortable4.1 pounds10 to 45 pounds
Twingaroo Twin Baby Carrier155.99Comfortable & Easy2 pounds10 to 35 pounds
Twintrexx2 Twin Baby Carrier144.99Comfortable2 pounds10 to 35 pounds
Weego twin baby carrier169.00Especially for babies from birth<2 pounds 4 to 35 pounds


Bottom line

Other than these products, weego twin carrier is also popular among twins. It is also very popular product by weego carrier.

Having twins is really a blessing in disguise. You should keep them close to you all the time without making issues with your other work. Baby carriers for twins are the perfect solution for you. We have summarized every little detail about the best twin baby carriers in the market. Hope you will find your best pick here. Be the best parent to your adorable twins!

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  1. I’m a mother with twins and this article is great for me. Thank you for sharing. I was worried to buy a good twin carrier. But this is very helpful. Thanks!

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