Baby K Tan Wraps | Instructions & Review

First, I must say that k’tan baby carrier is one of the best baby carriers to put your money on because it comes with a whole lot of functions ideal for both infants and toddlers. This is a soft cotton baby carrier (100% cotton) with patented doubleloop design which combines the sling, wrap and baby carrier functions into one.

They promote the natural bond between the baby and parent which effect to their mental and physical development throughout their life. Also, it is made to keep your newborn, infant or toddler secure at the same time offering you comfort as the caregiver.Especially It is devoid of any harmful chemicals that are why it is recommended by most medical doctors. It means that its carrier safety is in standard level.

Which Baby Wrap is Best?

As I believe, most of you are looking for an answer for this questions. If there is anyone who ever used a k tan wrap, then he/she may definitely raise their hand and say, this is the best.

Additionally, the qualities of this child Baby Carrier can be described as follows:

  • Simple

The construction is very simple. It can be worn as simple as putting on a singlet. The K tan Carrier is made of a lightweight naturally soft fabric and compacts easily (sling-like). It is a typical example of over the shoulder baby holder. Like a structured carrier, it goes over the user’s two shoulders and distributes the baby’s weight equally. Thus, working out while wearing K’ tan baby carrier is painless and really enjoyable.

Its simplicity is pronounced by the absence of hardware, snaps, buckling or excess fabric. So this award winning wrap style baby carrier makes strong bond through skin to skin care keeping your little one close. The important fact of baby ktan carrier is that it is machine washable dryer safe.

  • Stylish

This snuggle wrap style carrier is not just simple, but it is also stylish. It comes in hip gender-neutral colors i.e. different color options to choose from. There are special uncommon colors too. Such as heather grey, ocean blues, basic black and so on. As example active baby carrier black sport, breeze baby carrier charcoal Grey, original baby carrier black stretch. This feature is comely to match your or your baby’s outfit. Also, it comes with a free matching storage bag.

  • Smart

The K’tan carrier is smart on you when in use. Even more, with the combination of the different positions i.e. slings, wrap, and carrier, you get a smart baby carrier with comfortable carrying. The fabric used in making this baby carrier makes it easy to carry your baby smartly. And also, you can enjoy your baby ktan baby carriers with multiple positions.

Baby k’tan Sizing

Before you are going to use this product, you should have a narrow knowledge of sizing chart. The baby k’ tan is manufactured to be suitable for any adult who carries her/his baby. However, the age or weight of the baby is not important. That’s why you are able to slip on Baby k’ tan without having any rings or buckles adjustments. To determine your bay k’ tan size, your pre pregnancy size, height, and weight are essential.

One main fact you should know is the baby K‘tan is supposed to feel tighter than you expect at the beginning. Nevertheless, it is not an issue. Since baby k’ tan allows for stretching and suits comfortably for parent and baby. The following sizing chat will give you a good guidance to select the best choice for your Baby K’ tan Baby Carrier.

baby k'tan sizing

It comes in different sizes – smaller size medium to larger size (XS, S, M, L, XL), a very good option for the different type of users. With the option of these sizes, you get one that suits your body frame, fits you perfectly, gives support for your back and makes the baby weight sharing even on your shoulders.

baby k'tan sizing

Top 03 Baby products – Check on Amazon

01. Baby K’tan Original

The Baby K’ tan original Baby Carrier is created of 100 percent natural cotton and fabric. It is a soft, unique and one-way stretch. Weight range is birth to 35 lbs. Normally its’ price is the lowest. This category is user-friendly and easily machine wash. But for this product no UVA protection. Among baby ktan original baby wrap, top rated baby wrap carrier is ktan original baby carrier black.

02. Baby K’tan Breeze

The k’tan breeze Baby Carrier is created of 100 percent natural soft cotton and cotton mesh with double loop design. Weight range is birth to 35 lbs. This category is user-friendly and simple to wash. But for this product no UVA protection. This is like Baby K’ tan Original.

03. Baby K’tan Active

In contrast to the above two Baby K’ tan categories, The Baby K’ tan active Baby Carrier is created of 100 percent polyester. Therefore, all the fabrics are not natural. It is silky and has over 90% UVA protection. Weight range is birth to 35 lbs. Normally, its’ price is the same as Baby K’ tan Breeze.

All innovative products designed by Baby k’tan make the natural bond between parent and baby strong.

You can utilize ktan baby wrap without the wrapping for newborn swaddle easily. You can use free shipping to all the areas in USA. But you must pay for international shipping. You may do additional payment for taxes and duties based on the country. Baby ktan originals only allow you for Express Shipping within 2-3 business days in USA.

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Product Features

This carrier comes with loads of features as stated below:

  • Made from 100% breathable cotton material
  • It has neither hardware nor wrapping
  • Fits comfortably and gives room for easy stretching
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • The Baby K’tan comes in hip gender-neutral colors
  • Usable in more than 6 positions (from preemie to preschool at 35lbs
  • Comes with a double sling (double loop design) made of 100% natural cotton that gives privacy while nursing, extra security and quick adjustability for optimum comfort
  • It offers adjustable back support bands and rests comfortably on the shoulders on the user
  • It comes with an additional instruction manual to guide you

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 8 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Target gender: Unisex
  • Material Type: 100% Cotton
  • Number of reclining position: 6

The Good

  • It is very easy to use, easy to put the newborn in
  • It is lightweight and fold-able.
  • Price is friendly.
  • It is very versatile: so, you can wear in diverse carry positions (facing forward or backward)
  • Highly comfortable for parent and child, with diverse positions (8 positions in all)
  • Pack-able: even more it is less heavy when comparing with other structured or padded carrier e.g Baby Bjorn
  • Made from a very soft material, a typical example of a snuggle baby carrier.

The Bad

  • Not usable as a pouch sling
  • Occupies more space in a diaper bag
  • Choosing an accurate size can be a problem

Our Verdict

The Baby K tan Carrier is a top-notch baby carrier with nice innovation. This combines the qualities and benefits of a sling, wrap, and carrier. It is also one of the best that allows you to carry your child for a longer period (up till 3 years old).This fabulous baby carrier suitable for all ages (newborn – toddler). When you are about picking one, take notice of the size as it might be confusing choosing the right size.



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