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Best Baby Stroller – A Buying Guide {2019}

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Best Baby Stroller

When you’re preparing for parenthood, make sure to cover several bases before the arrival of your baby.

Translated into everyday language, this means that you should buy all the necessary things for your first descendant.

One of the most important items on that list is the baby stroller. They come in different sizes, versions, and packages.

Therefore, new moms and dads should do some research before opting for one stroller that will meet all their needs.

In this article, we’ll show you some practical features that will help you find the right stroller for your baby.

Baby Stroller

1)     Baby-only or toddler-friendly, as well?

The first decision you need to make here is whether you want a long-term stroller or a short-term one.

The former can accommodate your kid throughout his or her infant and toddler period. That way your kid can stay in a large, multifunctional stroller for a longer period.

It’s an economical choice, since you won’t have to buy another stroller after one year.

A short-term stroller will be of use while your child is only an infant.

If you’re closer to the second option, make sure to test the stroller for different positions.

Some infants have colic and other problems with their tummy. For such babies, it’s important that the stroller can have several different positions. That way, you’ll be able to tuck your baby in a semi-lying position and relieve his or her potential problem with their tummy.

2)     Car seats vs. alternative options

When you’re buying your baby strollers, you can go for a two-in-one option.

In that case, you’ll buy a car seat for your infant, as well.

So, those two-part strollers come with the main basket and a car seat that’s mounted on it.

Most of these car seats are made for infants that weigh 13 kg and less.

Also, it’s good to know that car seats up to 13 kg are rear-facing items. That way, infants are protected from neck injuries in case of sudden braking or other unplanned movements of the car.

You can learn how to install those car seats in the video published by Virginia DMV.

3)     Foldability and steerability

The choice of your stroller won’t only depend on your child and your budget.

Your car is another important factor that you need to take into consideration.

For instance, if you have a small car with a small trunk, you can’t buy a bulky stroller.

Even if you opt for a compact version, it still might take most of the space in the trunk.

That’s why you should check out the foldability of all the shortlisted strollers.

What’s more, if you can dismantle your stroller, it might free more space in your trunk. On some occasions, you might carry your baby in a newborn carrier outdoors. This is when it might be practical to fold your stroller and put it in your car.

Apart from that, it’s important to pay attention to the steerability of this pushchair. On some of these items, the front wheels don’t go to all directions, i.e. they’re always in a firm position.

For instance, you might find such a second-hand stroller in classified ads. While it doesn’t have to be a bad purchase, bear in mind that it will have limited steerability.

4)     Storage space and the size

Most parents do some shopping when they go for a stroll with their babies. Since parents don’t have too much time these days, those walks are practical to such additional things on the go.

That’s why it’s good to choose a stroller with ample storage space below the basket.

So, you can keep the diapers and the baby bag in that compartment, as well as the groceries that you get during your strolls.

Also, it’s important to double-check the size of the entire stroller.

Apart from the aforementioned potential issue with a small trunk, it’s important from the ergonomic point of view.

In other words, if parents can’t adjust the handle to suit their height, it might cause some physical problems.

That’s why both parents should try out the stroller before they bring the final decision.

5)     Weather resistance and usability

Different families live in different climate and weather conditions.

Also, various parents have various upbringing strategies.

In some parts of the world, such as Scandinavia or the UK, parents want their babies to spend more time outside.

For instance, the experts from a UK governess agency recommend that infants are taken for a stroll at least once a day.

That’s why parents should choose a pushchair with a canopy or any other protective cover for their babies.

This will allow both parents and nannies to take babies outside even when it’s raining.

Also, make sure to add a blanket or two to the storage space in your stroller during the cold season.

As a result, you’ll be able to stay outside with your baby even when it’s snowing.

It’s also practical to go for a stroller that has washable parts. If the pads on the basket and the car seat can be washed in a washing machine, that will help you maintain the entire stroller.

Infants often puke, so you’re probably going to wash those items frequently in the first year of your baby’s life.


Today, you can choose from dozens of brands and thousands of different strollers.

This makes the entire decision-making process even more complicated.

So, you need to set your budget at the beginning of this quest. Once you know your financial limit, you can start your search.

As we’ve pointed out, you need to decide how long you would like to use that stroller. Some pushchairs will be comfortable for your baby even when they turn two, while others will serve only for the first year.

Apart from that, think about your car and its size, as well as about the foldability of the stroller.

Finally, bear in mind that your stroller needs to be functional in different weather conditions.

We hope that all these tips and considerations will help you choose the best stroller for your newborn.

AuthorBio: Anne Harris is an HR specialist working for londongoverness.com. She recruits nannies, governesses and other childcare professionals, ensuring top-notch services for parents worldwide. In her free time she likes reading about education, and children’s welfare, as well as visiting sports events.

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