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Best Baby Slings and Wraps in 2019

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Best Baby Slings

One of the most joyful moments in one’s life is having a baby. You cannot express the happiness that parenthood brings. Hence all you want to do is to take care of your baby all the time. It is such a tedious task as parents are so busy in their day to day lives. It is not practical to be with your baby all the time because we all are living such a stressful and complex life and we have to do numerous tasks. Using a baby wrap would be the best option as these are an awesome way to snuggle while freeing up your hands.

A baby wrap is a piece of long fabric. The caregiver can tie and knot around herself in order to create a pouch on her chest, back or hip where the toddler can sit. There are no rings, clasps or buckles that might hurt the baby.

Wraps or slings can be used with newborns up to babies of 18 months.

How to select the best one?

Choosing the baby wrap/ sling is all about your personal favor. You have to decide whether a thicker one or a thinner one would be better. Are you planning to buy one that will last into toddlerhood? Or do you want a carrier just to cuddle and snuggle? There are things to consider before purchasing a baby wrap. We hope this article would be helpful for you.

Cuddlebug Baby Carrier

Best Baby wrap
  • Available in nine colors.
  • These can be used as baby slings, postpartum belts, nursing covers, baby sling wraps and baby carrier wraps.
  • This is made of spandex and cotton.
  • These are versatile.
  • Can be used as both sling or wrap.
  • These are comfortable while nursing your toddler.
  • Not bulky. Easy to carry.

Solly Baby Wrap

  • Made of thin, soft and breathable modal fabric.
  • No bulky padding.
  • Can easily be folded into a pouch which is attached to one end of the wrap.
  • The other end wrap has a hidden pacifier pocket which you would love to have.
  • This baby wrap is little bit pricey.
  • One of the disadvantages is that you won’t be able to use this much longer because maximum weight is bit lower than other wraps in the market.
  • These can be used for newborn babies to 25 lbs babies.

Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

  • This is made of two loops of fabric which are stitched together.
  • 100% cotton.
  • The caregiver can slip it on over his/ her head and put the arm through each loop.
  • There is a fabric sash around the caregiver and the baby to provide additional security and safety.
  • The available positions are front-outward, front-inward, on hip and sling style.
  • One thing you have to keep in mind is these come in clothing sizes. So that you will not be able to use these unless they are same size as you.
  • Can be used for 8-35 lbs weight limit.

Moby Classic Wrap

  • This is one long piece of fabric that you tie around yourself to create a snug spot for the baby to hang out.
  • Cotton knit is comfy and soft.
  • This will give warmth for both you and your baby.
  • Multiple caregivers can use it because these can be used for people of different body shapes.
  • One important thing to remember is that during summer, this can make you and baby sweaty and hot.
  • This can be used with babies from 8-35 lbs.
  • The available positions for the baby are front-inward, hip and sling.

Happy Baby Wrap

Best Baby Slings
  • These are made of cotton and organic bamboo.
  • Happy Wrap is sturdy but soft.
  • These are naturally antibacterial.
  • Before using you have to watch the instructional video and practice babywearing sessions.
  • These can be used with newborns up to 25 lbs babies.
  • Front inward is the recommended position for baby.
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