Best Dad Baby Carrier – Comparison of Top 5

Looking for a dad baby carrier? Or baby carrier for men? Then you are in the right place. I know it’s hard to select the best one as there are lots of products available in the market. On the other hand, most of the carriers are specially designed for women or mother. Sometimes it may not suite to the dad. So, I’m writing this because I also had the same issue in last year. My wife went on a trip with her mates and I had to take care of my little buddy who is just 3 years old. Anyway, it was challenging. If you are a dad you know what I mean. Right?

Best Dad Baby Carrier

Ok then, let’s start the list but before that, I want to share what is the difference between mom baby carrier and carrier for dads. I will share the problems which I faced and I’m inviting you to share your thoughts or experiences, so it will be helpful for the people who read this.

Some key points to consider

  • Age, Weight, and Height
  • Carrying position
  • Placement of straps
  • Easy to put
  • Washable Carrier
  • Material

Most important thing is carrying position because most of the baby carriers designed for mom comes with load bearing by hip (waist belt type) to hold a baby while most males like to bear the load by shoulders. So, in this case, we feel a little bit uncomfortable when we are using a baby carrier designed for mother. And we are not like females we tempt to work on a single task. But females like to do many jobs at once. In this case, we need a carrier which wills help to free our hands. So, it will make your hands free and easier to do other jobs with your baby. Placement of straps also helps to feel more comfortable. Most of the men like to shoulder straps. But it will depend on person to person. And another key point is you should pay more attention if carrier for a newborn. Another point is we try to buy a baby carrier which is easy to put. If it is a stretchy fabric it is easier to put. It will also help to do your works with your baby. In my case, my wife was not there for two weeks. So I had to do everything myself. Some baby carriers are difficult to wash. So, it’s better if you can buy a machine washable carrier. Another thing is the weight limit. This is valid for both parents. But sometimes it’s hard to choose. So, when you are buying you must consider age, height, and weight. If you are going out for a walk or for fresh air, try to buy a front-facing baby carrier. And the last point is material or piece of fabric. It should feel comfortable if not your kid won’t stay there. When it comes to dads, they always search for something that they are comfortable with. So, if you are looking for a baby carrier for dads, focus on the tactical ones or else you won’t like to wear your baby. The baby carriers and their key features are listed below. So, let’s begin the hunt for the best.

Let’s see what is the Best Mens Baby Carrier


Boba Air Baby Carrier

Best Dad Baby Carrier

Boba Carrier is really compact and the size of a pencil case it’s only three-quarters of a pound and even you can throw it in your diaper bag or your purse. The way it’s designed to fold into the pocket. This ultra light-weight carrier weigh only 0.7 pounds (330 g), so you will feel no pain when carrying.

The fabric is 100% nylon, so the baby can stay comfortably in this soft Boba Air baby carrier. This can be used with small babies too. You can put this around your waist to grab your baby and you want to make sure this carrier is designed to ensure this. But with any carrier, you want to make sure that baby’s knees are at or above hip height which protects their lower back and hips. Another cool thing about the Boba is very adjustable. You can adjust it as you feel comfortable. This wrap is really long. And also it has these cool elastics on the end.

Sometimes when a baby is in the carrier he/she may fell asleep. But with this carrier, you have an option to keep their head from flopping around. The coolest thing is you can you can wear this on both front and back carrying positions. You can buy a Boba Air baby carrier for about $66.

Onya Baby Carrier

This is one of the best carriers for babies from 6 months and up to toddlerhood and childhood. I don’t think that lot of people have heard of this brand. But trust me it is one of the most amazing carriers.  So, first of all, let me talk about the features that I really like about the Onya baby carrier and why I choose it. Before I bought this carrier I wanted to have two carriers, two soft structured carriers. One that I could keep in the house and one that I could keep in the car. But later I felt like it was a worthwhile investment for me to have one carrier for both. And this is the solution I found. As most of the men say this one is very comfortable. So, most men prefer this one.  This one can use in both front and back sides.


Beco Soleil Baby Carrier

It is made of very light fabric. So it’s not heavy and it is very comfortable. It has very nice wide shoulder straps and the buckles on it have a dual lock system.

And also the belt which goes around the hip area has a dual lock system. So, it is very safe for your kid. When considering the best baby carrier for dad, this is also very comfortable to wear. I really love to wear this when my kid is big because it was very easy to wear and I felt really comfortable with it. Another thing is very easy to use this carrier and easy to tighten.

Ergo Baby Carrier – 3 Position Baby Carriers

This is good for small babies, and this is durable. So, if you want to use for a long time then his one is good. But, only for kids under 3.2kgs. There are 3 positions you can use with this one front carry, hip carry and back carry. This one is machine washable, so no need to worry about washing it. As above mentioned carriers, this one is also very comfortable.

Haul’A Baby 4-in-1 Baby Wrap-Ring Sling

Best Dad Baby Carrier

Let me say like this. Haul’A Baby 4-in-1 Baby Wrap-Ring Sling is the best baby sling for dad that you can ever come across. This is the most lightweight carrier available in the market. No doubt you will say the same. Very easy to use, very comfortable, very flexible and etc. As we all love this one is machine washable. This is good for babies less than 35 pounds.

Best Baby Carrier for Big Dads – Top 3

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Hope you got an idea to find the best dad baby carrier. And feel free to share your experiences and your thoughts. I have used all the above-mentioned baby carriers and my personal experiences with them. I can highly recommend above 5 carriers, but you should select considering your requirements. It’s good to buy 2 or 3 baby carriers but if you properly think and analyze you can do all you need to do by one carrier.

  1. Nice blog. Baby carrier is really essential for dad. Most of the time dad have to carry baby when travelling. So it’s important to choose best baby carrier for dad. I think this blog help dad to choose best one for little one. Really helpful guide. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog.

  2. Amazing ideas!Travelling with a baby really taught for Parent.To make easy and comfortable journey with kids, baby carrier really essential accessories for both mom &Dad. Most of the time dad have to carry baby when travelling. So it’s important to choose best baby carrier for dad. I think this blog help dad to choose best one for little one. Really helpful guide. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog.

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