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There are several options out there in the market when it comes to baby carriers. Each and every carrier promises to be your best friend, but will they? So, you should be picky and find the best one. Boba is one of the most loved baby carrier brands and their Boba Air Baby Carrier is something super cool to try.

Why is Boba Air best for your baby?

Boba Air Baby Carrier

The fabric is super soft, so it provides the perfect cushion for your baby. He will love to settle inside the carrier even throughout the entire day. There is a cute little sleeping hood. Your baby can sleep peacefully. It will also protect your baby from sunlight and other foreign matter. When you are out, your baby can look around freely and enjoy as much as he wants to. He also can have a sleep if he gets tired.

Features you would love

  • Lightweight

Trust me on this; this is the lightest baby carrier you can ever come across in the baby carrier world. It weighs just 0.7 lbs. Isn’t it so cool?

  • Super comfy

The fabric is 100% nylon and super soft. What else will give your baby more comfort?

  • Self-storing

You no longer have to worry about carrying a separate bag to pack the carrier when not wearing it. Once you are done wearing, you just have to roll the carrier up making a little pouch and zip it up. Then put it inside your diaper bag or you can keep in your car. There you go!!!! You will find this feature handy, especially when you are traveling.

  • Easy to wear

This is a fully functional buckle carrier. The buckles are easily adjustable. So, you will love wearing it. There’s no difficulty in putting on and taking off the carrier.

  • Handy zippered pocket

Wouldn’t it be great if you have a cute little pocket to store little things like your phone, keys and other necessities? The Boba Air comes with a handy pocket, so you do not have to take an extra pouch with you.

  • Weight limit

Although Boba Air is light is weight, it can hold babies up to 45 lbs.

  • Carrying positions

You can carry your baby in both front and back positions. Also, it is very easy to switch the carrier from one position to another.

  • Perfect for walks

The Boba Air carrier is perfect for walks. Your baby can enjoy the surrounding freely. He surely will love to go on walks with you inside this Boba Air. The sleeping hood will protect the baby from sunlight too. So mothers, be ready to take your baby for a walk!!!!

  • Price

You can buy a Boba Air baby carrier for about $70. So, this is something affordable to most of you.

My only negative comment on Boba Air is on its shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are not padded. So, sometimes it can press deep into your shoulders and you may find it a little uncomfortable.

Boba Air Baby Carrier

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Boba Air Grey – All New 2017 – Breathable Mesh Shoulder Straps, Padded Leg Openings for Extended Support and Comfort.


Bottom line

Boba Air, the lightest baby carrier in the market is something worth giving a try. Its super cool features will make you fell in love with it. Your baby can happily settle inside this soft cushion and he would love it. This is the best to go out with your little one. Mothers, cheer up, finally, you found the best pick for you and your baby!!!!



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