Boba Wrap Reviews – Why do Babies Love it?

There are so many baby holders available in the market. But Boba baby wrap plays a special role among them. Before I start to explain in detail, I would like to highlight the points I discuss here.

What is a boba wrap?

Wraps are the type of baby carriers which allows you the closest contact with your little one. They are the best to use with newborns. Babywearing wraps are much comfortable and safe than many other baby wearing. When it comes to wraps, Boba is one of the most awesome wraps you can ever come across.

Its simple design makes it so awesome and something adorable. With no buckles, straps or buttons and with stretchy fabric, the Boba baby wrap becomes very easy to wear.

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Most people ask for the materials which boba baby wraps are made by. This contains high quality 95% Cotton knit and 5% Spandex blend. So, the good news is this type of carriers are machine washable. So, you have nothing to worry about hand washing the wrap.

They are available in different colors. Such as charcoal gray, brown, navy blue, light blue, dark blue and light grey.

Boba Wraps are machine washable

Boba Wrap, Grey, 0-36 MonthsBoba 4G Carrier, Dusk, 0-48 MonthsBoba Air Grey - Breathable meshBoba Hoodie, Grey (Extra Large) 

Most of mom asks me to write about baby wearing wrap instructions. But I think it’s better to watch a video instead of reading. So, I found this very useful video on youtube. It will guide you step by step to wrap your boba.

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How to tie boba wrap?

  • Hold the wrap keeping its logo at center
  • Cross the fabric from behind your back
  • Bring each end over your shoulders
  • Pull both ends of the fabric to keep it stretched
  • Put it in the lower part
  • Pull again and cross it from behind

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Carrying Positions

  • Front facing  – There two most common positions to carry your baby with boba baby wrap and front facing is one method. As obvious in this method, you will be able to hold your baby in front of you.


  • Back carry – Back carry is also possible with this boba baby wrap. But it’s not so common. Some parents believe that back carry will help them to do their day to day work more easily.
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Weight Limit

This is another common problem which all of you may want to know. This wrap style carrier has been tested from 2 pounds to 45 pounds weight. But it is recommended for the weight between 2 – 35 pounds. This can also be separated into another two parts,

  • Newborn hold – 2 to 10 pounds
  • “Love your baby” hold – 8 to 35 pounds

Why do babies love Boba?

Boba Wrap

The wrap is made of organic cotton fabric. So your baby will find it very comfortable and soft to stay inside. The Boba supports babies from 7 – 35 lbs. So, your baby can grow inside it. He will love to grow inside the same carrier rather than shifting into another one.

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Why do mothers love Boba wrap plum ikat?

This is the easiest woven wrap to wear. So, you have nothing to worry about any difficulty in wearing. This carries even distribute your baby’s weight. So, you will pain no pain even if you wear it for a longer time. There is an infant hold with this stretchy wrap, so this is the best for infants. You can carry your baby facing towards you.

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It’s very easy to breastfeed your baby inside the wrap baby carrier. Boba wrap holds your baby safely and it will also give you privacy when breastfeeding.

Boba Wrap

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Keep in mind

If you are using the Boba carrier for the very first time, please read the instructions that come along with the carrier. That’s the first thing you should do. You also should practice wearing the wrap several times before using it with your baby. If you try this once, then you will definitely love this.

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Bottom line

This is a super comfy and soft wrap for your baby. You can use this even with the newborns. The Boba is easy to wear, but it is better if you practice the technique of wearing it. There are many competitive brands who make wraps and baby slings such as Ergo, Baby Bjorn carrier, Kozy, and the Moby wrap. But I personally prefer boba as the best baby wrap. This wrap will keep your baby close to you.

You can buy this boba baby carrier from Amazon under baby products and you can also read customer reviews before you buy. Give this wrap a try and it will be a perfect fit you love!

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