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Are you searching for a perfect baby carrier to wear your baby? If so, you are in the right place. “Chicco Baby Carrier”- yes, they are one of the leading baby carrier brands in the world. What’s so special about Chicco carriers? Let’s see it yourselves.

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Chicco Baby Carrier Age Range

Is there a specific age range to use a Chicco carrier? No. This baby carrier can be used without any age limitation, even with the infants. Isn’t it adorable?

Chicco Carrier Positions

You can wear your baby in Chicco either facing in or out. However, we highly recommend facing-in position for the newborns up to six months. After six months, you can wear your baby facing out. By that time, your baby is ready to explore the world with you together.

Chicco Easyfit
How to Wear Chicco Baby Carrier –  Instructions

Nobody loves baby carriers which are very hard to wear. Trust me you will never face that problem with a this carrier. This is one of the easiest to wear baby carriers you will ever come across. You just have to wear it like you are wearing a T-shirt. The belts and the buckets are easily adjustable. Also, you can lift and wear this carrier own your own, without any difficulty.

Why Babies Love Chicco?

As we mentioned earlier, there are so many reasons to choose Chicco Carrier. Now, let’s see what they are.
• Made out of extra-soft, super comfy polyester fabric
• Carrier is machine washable (a big relief to the mothers)
• Comfortable lining
• Can carry your baby in two positions: facing-in and facing-out
• Easily adjustable straps and buckles
• Straps are padded and comfortable
• Can use for babies from 7.5 lbs – 25 lbs
• Availability of a bib for drools and drips
• Higher safety
Other than that, the parent comfort in this carrier is higher than most other baby holders in the market. So, you can wear your baby inside a Chicco carrier for longer time duration without any pain or discomfort.

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Cons of Chicco

We noticed some negative sides of this carrier as well. The back of this carrier is a bit high. So, when we use it with newborns who are smaller in size than the average newborns, this might be a problem. So, when you are buying a it, be sure to consider about this fact too.

Bottom Line

The Chicco baby holder scores very high in baby comfort factor and parent comfort factor. The extra-soft fabric helps your baby to settle inside the carrier comfortably. You can wear this carrier on your own without any difficulty. The best thing is, Chicco infant carrier can be used with newborns too. However, if your baby is quite smaller, sometimes this may not be the perfect choice, as the back of the carrier is bit higher. With so many reasons, Chicco child carrier is one of the most perfect baby carriers you will find in the market for a very reasonable price

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