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Ergobaby 360 Carrier Reviews 2019 – Best Four Position Carrier

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Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

Today we are doing a product review of the Ergobaby 360 bundle of joy carrier and this is a structured carrier. There are different categories of the bearer, but this one is a structured one and it is wonderful for infants or toddlers. First, let me brief what I’m gonna talk here.

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Introduction of Ergo Baby Carrier

I’ve just kind of thrown the straps over my shoulders here and it’ll be the best way to give you the demonstration. Well now I’m wearing it and the first thing comes to my mind is it is very soft very lightweight and feel comfortable. So, as you guess the carrier is made of 100% cotton and it is machine washable which is fantastic.

This is so popular because of carrying positions or facing options. There are four carrying positions so you can actually, have your child in facing towards you (front-inward or forward facing option) or facing front-outward as well. You can wear it on your hip and you can also wear it on your back, so these are all positions. Anyway, I’m not suggesting forward facing and back carry, if your baby is less than at least 2 months.

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This carrier is designed to hold little ones up to 33 pounds. It does also come with an infant insert which is for babies around seven to twelve-pound. The other thing that’s important about the insert is that it has a cushion in the bottom. For infants, try to avoid hip and back carry.

When they getting bigger this gives out so many different facing positions which are really nice as I mentioned. This carrier basically is designed to fit your baby in such a way that not only they are comfortable but also it doesn’t put them at any risks. When talking about my personal experience, actually I used to do some workouts, jogging and even I’ve been able to vacuum the house wearing it.

It is really easy to put my kid in and take him out of the carrier. Another cool feature of this carrier is that it has a cover so it is great for rain and for keeping the Sun off. My kid is always pretty comfortable in here and he usually likes going to sleep in this ergonomic baby carriers. I’m a big fan of the Ergo wrap and it does take a little bit time to get used to it in terms of adjusting things and putting your kid in and out. But once you’ve done it for a few times, you will feel it’s actually not too difficult, it’s pretty simple to do so.

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Why Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier?

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The baby ergo 360 baby carrier is a decent sling choice. It is lightweight and can be worn on the front or back. The child bearer is anything but difficult to put on and sits easily, even with a substantial infant strapped in. A large number of fastens guarantee the at infant is secure however not smothered and the cotton head cover is extraordinary in sun. With its stars and silver outline, is the transporter useful as well as alluring? Profoundly prescribed!


    • This is better than the original
    • Lightweight
    • Wide padded shoulder straps (easy to carry baby)
    • Very Comfortable both baby and the carrier (comfortable and ergonomic)
    • Adjustable back panel (easy to adjust)
    • Side ventilation (cool air – better for hot days)
    • Premium Cotton (maximum comfort)
  • Sun protection


  • Velcro waistband is a bit difficult to adjust
  • Doesn’t have any pockets
  • Hood is bit smaller

Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

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Ergo 360 Instructions / Directions

Most of the people wonder, how to use this ergobaby 360 carrier. Rather than describing in words, I think it would be much more easy to understand it watching a video.

What do people say?

Melinda, a mother of two years old Ben

It was truly the best infant/kid equip we have ever purchased. Actually, we didn’t require a stroller, a playpen or whatever other “movement” things for the child. He was as cheerful as he could be in the therefore bearer.

This had everything:

  • 3 accessible minding positions (ergobaby 360 back carry, front facing, side or hip carry),
  • The child was sitting easily and securely (his yet marginally lower than his knees),
  • The head bolster/hood was an awesome approach to hold the head, cover from sun/rain/diversion/for protection

I could without much of a stretch breastfeed while in a hurry (having the capacity to breastfeeding in ergo any place, whenever and with no free hands unquestionably adds to the child thus bearer).

Agreeable to the bearer. I used 4 or 5 other child transporters and just had spinal pains. With ergobaby carriers 360, I searched for a reason to wear it as frequently as possible. “

Didn’t care for: “When my child transformed into a baby, the hood wound up noticeably sort of little and we get a considerable measure of rain where we live. I used to convey his raincoat to conceal from the rain. Be that as it may, as of late my sister educated me concerning the new, expanded rain evidence hood. It’s on our rundown.”

Kate, mother of a baby girl tell us about her experience.

I adore the cushioned midriff belt and the cushioned shoulder straps. It feels like I am not in any case minding my infant, yet he is so near me. It’s so wonderful. I seek we will be utilised after a while. Additionally, I may more established girl Monica is truly making the most of her thus child doll transporter. It was a major sister blessing from grandparents.

I was utilising Baby Bjorn infant bearer with my first kid and I suspected that was decent until the point when I discovered that:

  1. Looking ahead baby carriers are not by any means that useful for babies.
  2. Hard structure carriers are not beneficial for little children. Additionally, subsequent to wearing her with the Bjorn bearer for over 20 minutes my back would be exceptionally sore. In any case, around then I thought all bearers are that way.

Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

This is what Annie told us about her ergo 360 carrier

I heard awfulness stories from my companions about how hard is to make sense of those child bearers. I didn’t require any directions from my significant other. It came normal to me how to put it on, utilize the straps, clasps and how to infant inserts. My baby loves to this carrier so much. I can at last put an infant to rest without her mother. Simply placing him in the Ergo bearer and strolling minimal speedier makes him tired just in a couple of minutes. Would not exchange for no other infant bearer.”

Didn’t care for: “There is one less that I might want to call attention to. A mid summer, we went to visit family in Florida. It got truly hot in Ergo baby 360 Baby bearers. Something to consider on the off chance that you live in a hot atmosphere zone.”

Finally, there are several things you need to concern when you are buying a baby gear or stroller accessories. You must compare products, read product information, carrier accessories and check on a baby registry. If you have a newborn infant, then there are few other things to consider (my opinion – ergobaby easy snug infant insert or ergobaby infant insert).

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