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The Ergobaby baby carrier took the market by storm in 2002 and instantly became a contender to the likes of Baby Bjorn Original baby carrier. The makers leverage on the “cons” of existing carriers and built a sturdy, versatile comfort and ergonomics baby carrier.

When it comes to the ergobaby original reviews then at first you may find it difficult to use this baby carrier but once you get used to of it then you will find user-friendly. It is indestructible and helps your child in getting support for hips, back, pelvis and spinal development. As most of the dads want to look cool and stylish while wearing a baby carrier so this baby carrier fulfills those requirements and provides you with a stylish look keeping your child safe and secure.

It can be worn on the back, in front and the hip (your baby faces you in all these positions).

The “Ergo” as it is usually called is a soft structured baby wrap with modern features. One of the major revolutions this classic ergobaby baby carrier brought to the babywearing industry is the introduction of a wide hip belt, well-padded support for back and shoulder for older aged babies up to 36 months.

Why is this so special?

Evenly Distributed Weight

Among the other best features of ergobaby baby carrier, one of the best features is that this baby carrier distributes the weight of the baby evenly. A person cannot feel uncomfortable while carrying the baby in this baby carrier.

Extensible Straps

Another best feature of this baby carrier is that it has extensible straps. These padded extensible straps can be extended within the range of 24 inches to 45 inches.

Machine Washable

This baby carrier is machine washable. It means that instead of washing this baby carrier by hand, you can easily wash this baby carrier in a washing machine. Without damaging the stuff and other features of baby carrier, machine washable feature gets this carrier clean easily.

Pocket in Carrier

Another good thing about this baby carrier is that it has a large pocket. This pocket can help you to put things in it. When it comes to the size of the pocket then it is quite a large storage pocket that helps you to keep lots of important stuff with you if you are traveling.

Unique Shape

Although this baby carrier does not contain a specific hood it contains a hood like a shape that prevents your child from the damaging rays of the sun and provides support to the neck if the baby is asleep.


The weight of this baby carrier 1.52 pounds and it means that it is a very lightweight baby carrier as it is made up of 100 % of cotton stuff. This baby carrier can carry the babies whose body weight ranges from 12 to 44 pounds.

With the “Ergo”, your baby is secure and you can bid back pain, arm aches farewell. The wide hip belt helps support the weight of the baby while the well-padded straps distribute weight equally between the two shoulders.

Despite the fierce competition posed by the advent of modern-day baby carriers such as Beco Gemini, Moby Wrap, the Ergo Original still retains its qualities and it is still preferred by most parents.

Ergobaby Original

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Ergobaby Original Instructions

The easiest way to understand how to use this carrier would be a video review. So, here is a video to understand this better.

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Product Features & Specifications

The exceptional features of the Ergo Carrier Original include;

  • It is made of 100% cotton
  • Weight is evenly distributed
  • The padded straps are extensible i.e. between 24 – 45 inches
  • It is machine washable on gentle cycle using mild detergent, dryable on delicate cycle, you can air dry the seams.
  • The canvas body construction, the hood is such that it is ideal for the tender skin of babies
Dimension15.8 x 13.4 inches
Item Weight1.52 pounds
Weight Range12 to 44 pounds
Waistband Adjusts26-55”
Shoulder Straps28.5-47.5”
Machine WashableYes
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Ergo Original Positions

Ergo original can be used for 3 main carrying positions.

1. Front Position

Front position of this baby carrier is considered as the best position as your baby will be in front of your eyes and help you to keep an eye on your baby as long as you want. When you are carrying the baby in the front position, your baby legs will get folded in a frog- legged position. In this position the thighs of baby get support and the back is a bit curved. Along with other best features of front position baby carrier, the neck, and head of the baby is supported that helps in getting relaxed about child’s safety.

2. Ergobaby Original Hip Position

The hip position is another position of this baby carrier that is important for the babies who are in a habit to be lifted up in the hip position. In this position, you can easily put the baby inside the carrier while wearing it and can take the baby out of the carrier without inserting any effort.

3. Back Position

Another position of this baby carrier is back position. In this position, you can keep your baby with you while going on hiking or road trips. This position keeps your baby away from the dust and other factors that can be harmful to the baby or his skin.



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Care Instructions

To prolong the lifespan of your adorable Ergobaby baby product, follow these instructions for washing.

Use a Washing Machine

Wash using a mild detergent on a gentle cycle. Go ahead and dry on a delicate cycle, remove from washer when seams are slightly damp and air dries it.

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Safety Warning

Take notice of the following safety precaution when using this ergo baby original carrier

Ensure that you use the “Ergo” Infant Insert with the ergobaby Carrier for babies weighing between 7lb (3.2kg) – 12lb (5.5kg). Also, the best position for babies in this group is the front-carry position.

For babies, more than 12lb but not up to 4months old, no strong neck control, make sure you use the Ergobaby Bundle of Joy Infant Insert plus the baby carrier. Conclusively, do not use the little one carrier or newborn insert for babies who weigh less than 3.2kg (7lb).

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Ergobaby Original Front Facing

When it comes to the safety of your baby, a disadvantage of this baby carrier is that it does not allow you to carry your child in the front facing position. In case you put your baby in the front facing position then either it can make you and the baby uncomfortable or the baby can fall down.

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Ergobaby Original Infant Insert

Another disadvantage of this baby carrier is that this baby carrier is not suitable for the infants. It does not hold good ratings with infants as it is for the babies who are at least 4 months old.


  • It addressed the awful “leg-dangle” common in carriers such as the BabyBjorn or Infantino
  • The Infant makes it comfortable for infants and younger babies
  • The “Ergo” puts most of the baby’s weight on your hip (thanks to the waist/hip belt) making it comfortable
  • Comes with a large storage pocket to help keep things on the go
  • Padded waist belt & cushy padded shoulder straps that distribute baby’s weight evenly between hips and shoulders
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Premium cotton


  • You cannot carry your baby on the front-facing-forward position
  • Not too good ratings with infants but much suitable for babies over 4 months
  • It is a bit bulky

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It is no doubt that your baby loves this carrier and it already has top positive customer reviews. Feel free to leave a comment or your experience with this product.


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