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Moby Wrap Reviews & Instructions – Best Cotton Wrap in 2018

When it comes to the baby wrap then it will be difficult for you to trust every second baby wrap. As it is related to your baby’s safety so you will only go for the one that is helpful in reducing your fears regarding the safety and comfort of your baby. Moby wrap is one of the best baby wraps that can be selected to wrap your baby and can help you in carrying your baby safely. Moby wrap is basically an 18 feet long fabric that creates a baby carrier for you. It can carry the weight of 8 pounds to 35 pounds max.


Moby Wrap

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Moby Baby Wrap Positions

Moby wrap is a very comfortable baby wrap that helps you in wrapping the baby in a wide range. Some of the baby wrap positions are

Kangaroo Hold

It is a unique form of baby wrap. In this position, the baby wrap is placed on the front. Also, it is in a cross shape while covering all the sides of the body just like the kangaroo pouch. Now the baby is placed in it making sure that there is no place left behind that can cause the baby to fall down. When the baby is placed in the baby wrap in this position, the baby’s face will stay on the inner side of the baby wrap.

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Hip Hold

In this position of baby wrap, the cloth is tied in such a way that the legs of the baby will stay out of the baby wrap while the wrapping cloth will be supporting baby’s hips and the weight of the baby’s body. It is helpful in carrying your baby in this position as it evenly distributes the weight of the baby on the mother’s body and also mother can perform daily household tasks comfortably.

Moby Wrap Front Facing

Moby Wrap then it is not recommendable for you to put your baby in the front facing position. In the front facing position, you not only get fearful about baby’s safety but it also misbalances baby’s position in the baby wrap and makes him uncomfortable. This front facing position is the only defect of Moby Wrap.

Moby Wrap reviews

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Moby Baby Wrap Twins

This Moby wrap is made of 100 % natural and soft cotton fabric. It is a very soft material that is an ideal one-way stretch. It is very comfortable in use and can be worn easily. As in most of the baby wraps, buckles and fasteners can be a cause of irritation and discomfort to the baby, this baby wrap does not contain any buckle or snaps hence provides your baby with as much comfort as possible. This Moby Wrap is made of durable fabric that will be wrapped over both shoulders. You can adjust the fitness of Moby wrap according to your need. It comes for you with a choice that how tightly you want to wrap your baby and yourself. This baby wrap is used for the babies whose weight ranges from 8 to 35 pounds.

Moby Wrap reviews

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Moby Wrap Toddler

Moby wrap also proves to be the best for toddlers. This wrap can hold your toddler in the front as well as on the back. This baby wrap helps you to hold your baby in the closest position of you. So that, your shoulders stay light and you do not feel burdened. While using this Moby Wrap your back will stay supported and will not cause any back pain. This baby wrap will give your toddler an amazing and clear world’s view as he will be at the same level as his mother’s eye.

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