06 Best Newborn Carrier for Baby 2018

If you are looking for newborn baby carrier then most probably you might be a mom for the first time. With that aspect, I hope to write this article. In short, I will give you a very short but in detail guide.

What is a Baby Carrier?

First, let me explain what is a baby carrier and the real purpose of it. These days, moms have to face different responsibilities in their daily lives such as washing dishes or heading out for a stroll but at the same time, they might also need to hold their newborn infants as well. These types of situations will demand a baby carrier.

Why Use Baby Carrier for Newborn?

As a matter of fact, a newborn baby carrier is useful for promoting a relationship between the parents as well as the infant. Furthermore, they are handier as compared to a baby car seat which is constructed to secure your baby from injuries or death during vehicle accidents or a baby stroller used for small children to sit comfortably facing forward. while car seat provides you a comfortable mentality to keep your baby in safe while you are driving, baby carrier supports you to be with your baby when you are free from your busy life.

In fact, babies like to be held close to their parents, sensing the warm coziness of their chest as well as the gentle rhythm of their heartbeat.

Infant Baby Carrier Types

TypeEasy to useGood for infant
WrapVery easyYes
SlingVery easyYes
Soft Structures Carrier (SSC)EasyYes
Baby BackpackModerateNo
Baby Carrier SeatEasyNo
Baby Carrier BasketEasyNo


Every year, several new models of baby carriers are introduced into the market which makes it quite difficult to make an informed decision regarding which one to go for.

6 Best Baby Carrier for Newborn

baby carrier for newborn

1. Infantino Swift Classic Newborn Baby Carrier

The Swift Classic which has the ability to support infants up to 25 pounds is the interpretation of the manufacturer on what a contemporary infant transporter ought to be. It includes fully padded and fully adjustable shoulder straps that aid in the correct distribution of weight. Moreover, the product comes with a wonderful cover bib. It attaches to the carrier’s inside surface to safeguard itself along with the clothes of the mother. Another important feature is a well-cushioned head support plus a fully washable fabric made from 100% cotton.


2. Baby bjorn Miracle Baby Carrier

The Babybjorn Miracle happens to be an awarding-winning baby carrier for newborn which has gained immense popularity at present. It is ideal for the little ones in their initial 15 months. Furthermore, it also includes additional head support for the infants. The design is usually gender-neutral which implies that it can be worn by either of the parents without any problem at all. In fact, parents who do not like a wrap because of the complicated wearing are going to appreciate its ease of use.


3. Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

This particular baby carrier for newborn is intended for babies who love to be swaddled. In this wrap, newborns are going to feel warm and snug. The product is very popular amongst the moms mainly because of the comfort which it provides. It is ideal for little ones from 8 to 36 pounds and provides as many as 4 positions to pick from. Consequently, it is possible to decide on the comfiest position for both of you.

baby carrier for newborn


4. Boba 4G Carrier

The 4G was manufactured by Boba with babies from 0 to four years of age in mind. The manufacturer has upgraded the conventional infant wrap by getting rid of all the unwanted padding to bring newborns as close to their mothers as feasible. The shoulder straps happen to be the only padded support. Even the waist consists of 100% cotton for providing optimum comfort to the moms. This newborn baby carrier will be able to hold as much as 25 lbs. when used in the front and as much as 45 lbs. when it is utilized as a backpack.


5. Baby K’tan Original

The positive thing regarding this newborn baby carrier is that it functions just like a wrap without any unnecessary wrapping. This not only provides the carrier with some style points, but also offers the newborn proper support for the shoulders, head, and the back. The carrier’s design offers additional malleability which cannot be expected from most of the carriers.

It will allow you to carry your infant on your hip or even on your back. So that, your baby will be able to face in the forward direction. On top of this, it is extremely simple to put on. However, one drawback of this product is that it is not that easy to clean. In fact, many moms have confirmed that the fabric is likely to shrink once it is machine-washed.


6. Performance Baby Carrier Ergo

This fantastic newborn baby carrier has been made from lightweight as well as a breathable fabric. This is ideal for keeping your newborn infant cool and comfy. Apart from being extremely resilient, it will also allow you to carry your infant in different positions: in the back, in the front or even on the hip. Furthermore, moms simply adore its classic economic design which will prevent any unwanted strain on the shoulders or the back.


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