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When it comes to buying a baby carrier, the most difficult part is choosing the best carrier for both your baby and you. That’s when reviews come handy. So, today we are going to give you a full review on “Osprey Baby Carrier”, one of the most loved and widely used carries in the world. Let’s explore Osprey Baby Carrier!!!!

Osprey Baby Carrier

As we earlier mentioned, the Osprey family is one of the leading brands in the baby carrier market. In this article we will be focusing on two of their members;

  1. Osprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier and
  2. Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier

Osprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier – Everything You Should Know

This is one of the best quality back child carrier you will ever come across. This carrier can be used for babies of 16 lbs – 40 lbs.

The fabric is very soft and stretchy. The wide, padded shoulder straps divides the baby’s on your body equally. So, you can carry your baby without any discomfort. The parent comfort is very higher in this carrier than most of other back child carriers in the market. Let’s see the other reasons to love this Osprey Poco AG Plus carrier.

The seat is padded and it does not fold due to the weight of the baby

  • Super comfortable for the baby
  • Availability of a drool pad
  • Availability of an angled face-rest (perfect for napping)
  • Availability of an adjustable cockpit for securing the seating
  • The belts can be easily adjusted
  • Availability of wide, padded, comfortable waistband
  • Perfect for traveling

Everything has its own good and bad, so does Osprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier. Let’s the what the cons of this carrier are.

  • Bit expensive than most of the baby carriers in the market
  • Does not fit with every parent

You can buy this carrier for about $290.

Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier – Complete Review

Now let’s get to know about Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier. This too is a backpack type baby carrier. The best thing about this carrier is that it is specially designed for long-term wearing. Its light-weight design, comfort and easy adjustability help you to wear your baby for a long time without any discomfort. This carrier can be used with babies in the weight range of 16 lbs – 48 lbs.

There are so many things to love Osprey Poco Premium. We will be pointing them down for your ease.

  • Easier to use
  • Light-weighted
  • Belts can be easily adjusted
  • Availability of a well-designed sunshade
  • Availability of a re-usable, removable drool pad
  • Perfect for long walks and hiking
  • Availability of a changing mat
  • Comfortable and easily adjustable hip-belt
  • Safety level is higher

It’s our duty to let you know both good and the bad side of the baby carriers. The Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier has his own faults too. The cons of this carrier are;

  • Bit harder to lift and wear the carrier on your own
  • The rain cover comes separately, not as a part of the carrier
  • Price is bit higher than other backpacks in the market

Bottom Line

Osprey Baby Carrier

The Osprey Baby Carriers are one of the highest selling baby carrier brands in the market. They have three members in the family; Osprey Poco, Osprey Poco AG Plus and Osprey Poco Premium. Out of these three, we have reviewed Osprey Poco AG Plus and Osprey Poco Premium carriers in this article. In a nutshell, both the carriers are very comfortable backpacks for both the child and the parent. Both these carriers include amazing features you will surely love. On the other hand, the prices of these carriers are a bit expensive than the other back carriers in the market. Hope you could find the best back baby carrier for your baby!

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