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If you are a mother and you have a newborn child, then most probably you are looking for a baby ring sling. But you may also have many questions regarding selecting perfect products and myths. Don’t worry I will give you the answers to all your questions. So, let’s answer some general questions.

What is a Ring Sling?

A ring sling baby carrier is a piece of woven soft fabric normally about 7 foot long and 25inches wide that have one end attached securely into two strong wooden/iron rings.

Can you use a ring sling with a newborn?

Yes, you can use a ring sling newborn carry for your baby. But you should have a good idea about your baby. At least up to 5 months you need to pay very close attention to your baby.

An average baby weighs 3kg in birth

Are baby slings safe for infants?

As I told you before, it depends on how you understand your kid. But my opinion is you must avoid until he or she becomes 3 months old. The reason behind this is that newborn kids have relatively weak neck muscles. So, they can’t really control their head. This also depends on the child to child.

Avoid baby carriers until your child become 3 months old


Best Ring Sling

Newborn Sling Wrap Usage and Importance

Like all the other carriers, slings need to be used safely and the guidelines should be followed for a greater protection. The most important thing to consider is Breathability, a baby’s head should never be bent in half and two fingers should always fit into baby’s chin and chest.


Ring Sling Carry Positions

The most regular position for carrying young babies is upright and facing position, Baby’s legs somewhat spread apart which calls M position and baby’s head well supported, since this will protect growing hips and backbone as well. regularly this will be the simple vertical position somewhat unusual from the midline, with the fabric being balanced cozy around the child for a perfect fit. There are many ways to use a Ring-Sling to keep a baby safe manner in other positions too, having said that its need to be performed with care. Pouch slings are most suitable for babies from 02 to 05 months and it must have fit the holder’s body properly in order to be safe. Ring slings are very adaptable, and it can be used for the front of the body, hip carries or back carries as baby grows.

1. Front Carry 

This is the safest way to carry your baby because you can monitor what your baby doing and how he/she feels and react. This is the best way to carry your newborn baby.

Boba Wrap

2. Hip Carry

Another most popular carrying position is hip carry. This is also a possible way to carry your baby. But i’m not recommending this to the newborn. Actually, this is most suitable for babies older than 6 months.


3. Back Carry

Back carry is another possible way to carry your child. This is also good for kids older than 1 year. When your kid is behind you, you are not able to see what’s happening behind. So, back carry is also not recommending for the newborn.

How do you hold your newborn baby?

1. Reclining Cradle Hold

Reclining Cradle Hold is practical for carrying babies who used to fall asleep as well as for baby careful breastfeeding. It suits from newborn babies.

2. Cradle Hold

Cradle Hold is suitable for baby nursing or careful breastfeeding and for soothing a pain or finicky babies. It is applicable for newborn babies and for babies up to 1 year of age

3. Snuggle Hold

Sling Snuggle Hold is a suitable position for affiliation with newborns kids as the warmth gives security and comfortability. It suits from newborn babies to around 1-year-old. Make sure to Use the side carry position when the baby is bigger.


How to thread a ring sling?

Baby Slings are reversible ring sling that can be adjusted while on. They are one long piece of fabric that you loop through rings at one end. You can adjust the sling while you are wearing it by pulling on the tailor sides of the tail. You also have the tail to shade baby from the sun or use as a cover while nursing. The sling is a good choice if you plan to share it with loved ones of a number of different sizes because it has such a wide range of adjustment. Baby Slings can be worn in five different carrying positions, to match baby’s mood and development, from birth to around 3 years of age or 40 lbs. Wear newborns through toddlers in a variety of positions.

Best Ring Sling

Significant advantages of a baby ring sling carriers

• Made of beautiful hand-loomed, breathable fabrics
• Pocket for keys, diapers, food, cell phone.
• perfect adjustability and its suitability as a nursing cover
• Fits easily into a diaper bag or purse
• Machine washable
• Recommended for children up to 40 pounds

The great advantage of this is flexibility to use in many different holding positions to meet the unique needs of both parent and kids.

Best Ring Sling 3-month-old babies

  • Beco Ring Sling Newborn

This one is most suitable for baby from birth to toddler. The reason I love this product is, it is very easy to use. Trust me your kid will love this. Because this is very soft. Material selection is perfect. It is made of thicker cotton. But I’m not encouraged to use this in summer. It will be too hot for you kid.

  • Fidella Ring Sling

This one is also very famous for the easy to use and fabric quality. It is made of  100% organic cotton. It’s very soft and sturdy enough for toddlers.

Hope I have answered all the questions you had and now you have a clear idea to select the most suitable newborn carrier for your baby. Feel free to ask anything and I would like to hear your comments.

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