Solly Baby Wraps Reviews

Baby wraps are one of those things that need to be chosen after a great research. There is a variety of baby wraps in the market but to choose the best one is a difficult thing until you know all of its features. Among all those wraps Solly baby wrap is considered as one of the best. Solly wrap is very light in weight. It is too soft in use and this makes it the best choice for your newborns or young infants. It has a compact size and is less bulky. If you are wearing your baby for hours then it is the best thing you should go for.

Solly Baby Wraps Reviews

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Solly Baby Wrap

Solly baby wrap is different from others as it is the best for newborns. Due to its soft fabric and amazing folding style, it is considered as the best for newborns. One of the best things about this baby wrap is that it has a skin to skin connection with the newborn. It makes you comfortable with your baby and you can feel every single movement of your baby. This causes a great attachment of you with your baby.

Solly Wrap Size

Solly baby wrap comes in two sizes. One is long and the other is standard. It can be easily wrapped. There is a pocket at the end of the wrap. That pocket can be used for different purposes. As some of the other stretchy wraps are tested, this baby wrap does not have any stuff sack.

Solly Baby Wraps Reviews

Baby Wrap on the Back

Solly baby wrap has one disadvantage that it cannot be worn on the back. In case you wear it on your back, it puts a negative effect on baby’s spine and can also damage baby’s joints. It can also increase the risk of baby falling if the baby is hung at the back. It is not only a damaging factor for the baby but also for the wearer. As this solly baby wrap is not in favor of wearing on the back so it can only be worn on the front.

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Baby Wrap Front Facing

Solly Baby Wraps Reviews

Another thing that you must know about solly baby wrap is that it will be risky for your baby to wear it in a front facing position. The solly baby wrap is not a loose wrapping cloth but it can get loosen by the movement of your baby. So the safe side of wearing this solly baby wrap is putting your baby in it in a position where a baby is facing the inner side.

Length of Solly Baby Wrap

Solly baby wraps are designed by keeping in mind the weight and size of the first years of a child’s life. It carries a weight up to 25 pounds. Solly baby wrap is almost 5.5-meter long cloth that is specially designed to make a lot of folds around your newborn or young infants. It is long enough that it seems like your baby is giving a long, big hug every time you wear it.

Solly Baby Wraps Reviews

Stretchy Wrap

Solly baby wrap is a stretchy wrap. It helps you to stretch around your baby making sure that your baby is fully covered with this baby wrap. This stretchy wrap minimizes those factors that can increase the risk of your baby falling. Its soft fiber and stretching ability make you feel comfortable about its use. Solly baby wrap is one of the best choices a mom can make to carry its baby in the safest way. It reduces the fear factors and makes you relaxed and peaceful.

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