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Tactical Baby Carrier Reviews (Updated 2019)

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Tactical Baby Carrier

Some baby gears are obviously dad-friendly. However, Tactical Baby carrier is manufactured specifically for guys. Unlike other baby carriers that are attached to the bike or baby prams that need you to push for taking your baby outside, tactical baby carriers are just like the bags that can be worn on your chest to take your baby along.  These baby carriers are perfectly matched for light outdoor use besides usual use. It is a very flexible type of baby carrier system and contains lots of alternatives for hip seats for your baby.

Tactical Baby Carrier

Before I start talking about tactical baby gears, I would like to answer a few general questions. So that, you will get a clear idea about this product.

Looking for the best hiking baby carrier?

Why should I consider using a baby carrier?

This is not a tough question. Actually, you are here because you know the answer to this question. Anyway, I will give you a brief answer to the question. Simply, you need a baby carrier because you have a baby and you want to do your work at the same time. In such cases, people are looking for baby carriers. It will help you to do all your work while staying close to your kid. You can get more information from this article: best baby carriers

What features should a baby carrier have?

Although you know that you need a baby carrier, you still wonder what is the most suitable product you need. Today there are many different brands and type of carriers available in the market. Some of the are Tula, Ergo, Moby, Boba, Baby bjorn and etc. I have written a complete guide on carriers feature, which you can go through before you buy one.

What are the tactical baby carriers?

These tactical baby carriers provide you with ease in carrying your baby and distributing the weight of your baby evenly on both of your shoulders instead of putting weight on a single arm. These bags are specially designed for the dads with secure vest design so that they can experience baby wearing. But some parents believe that tactical baby carriers have rugged look. Although these baby gear can be used by anyone.  These bags are indeed a great help while going for a walk, shopping or any other outing along with your baby. Kids can face in or out while wearing this baby carrier and it has different important characteristics such as detachable interior lines, front pocket and a hideout sun shield.

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Key safety points in using a tactical baby carrier

  1. Prior to usage, confirm all rings or buckles adjustments are fixed
  2. You should only use this as a front carrier
  3. This product is only suitable for babies between 3.5kg and 15 kg
  4. Always avoid obstructions to keep baby’s face safe

Best Tactical Baby Carriers

After knowing about these baby carriers, the most frequently asked question is what are the best tactical baby carrier backpacks or what are the top tactical dad baby carriers? Keeping these questions in mind a search has been made to let you know about the best tactical baby carriers.

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Mission Critical Baby Carrier

Mission Critical Baby Coyote

The Mission Critical Baby Coyote is specially designed for the fathers who want to experience babywearing. It is practical for handling in extremely rough conditions. This carrier also provides with a manly appearance. It is so because it has been manufactured by a top quality 1000D nylon fabric. Although its outer look can make you think that as it is highly tough from outside, it will be the same from inside. The reality is totally opposite of it. As the inner side has to deal with the baby so the inner side is padded with a perforated foam material. This provides the wearer and the baby with the optimal comfort no matter how long does it take.

When it comes to the baby weight then due to its ergonomic baby carriers design, the weight of the baby is evenly distributed on the father’s shoulders with shoulder straps. Due to this even distribution of weight and foam padding, it gets enjoyable and comfortable baby wearing throughout the day. In order to adjust the baby weight, this baby carrier comes with a specialised lumbar support system.

Are you wonder what is the best dad baby carrier?

This baby carrier has an adjustable front facing. And it’s design allows adjusting the front facing in or out as you need. The best thing about this baby carrier is that it has a sun shield. This sun shield helps in the protection of the child from harmful UV rays. Another good thing about this child carrier is that is stitched with a high quality.

This stitching proves to be good for aesthetic appeal as well as long life. Its material will show you that its quality is a heavy duty material. Moreover, the inner side of this child carrier is much comfortable for the baby to stay in there for a long time. And also, this is a top carrier for dads.

TBG Tactical Baby Gear

black camo TBG Tactical Baby Gear

When it comes to the best baby carriers then TBG Tactical baby carrier is among the best baby carriers. This baby carrier has a compact design. It baby carrier proves all the safety measures you need for the safety in baby wearing. TBG Tactical baby carrier can help you in carrying the baby while facing in or out. Depending upon the developmental stage of your baby, you can adjust the baby’s carry position. The inner side of this baby carrier is made by soft foam that keeps the baby comfortable to stay in the baby carrier for a long time.

This baby carrier is designed to carry the babies having a weight of around 8lb to 33lb. Not suitable for the kids of more or less than the mentioned weight. Another feature of this baby carrier is that it has a removable liner. This removable liner can be used and removed for washing purposes. It has a tough appearance that shows its inner and outer strength.

Quokkajoy Multicam Limited/ QuoPro Tactical Baby Carrier

This is no doubt one of the best baby carriers. It covers all the requirements of a baby wearing. This has been manufactured from a soft and washable cotton fabric. QuoPro promises to provide you and your child with an optimal comfort. Due to its even and ergonomic design, it is easy to use. It comes with a handy lumber support system. This lumber system has been specially designed to ease the intense pressure that is exerted on the back while carrying your baby. It also promotes an intimate bonding between father and child. Moreover, this baby carrier has multiple specialised compartments. These compartments are used for storage purposes. Within reach, these pockets help you to take out anything you want whenever you want.

A unique feature of this product is that it comes with a completely customisable hood. This hood helps in the prevention of your child to the exposure of sun rays. These sun rays can be harmful to your child causing severe illnesses. The notable thing about this hood is that this hood is manufactured from a breathable fabric that means even if the baby carrier is fully covered then it will keep the child comfortable and will also reduce heat increasing the cooling effect. Last but not the least is its exterior fabric that is military tactical Multicam black in colour. It gives an aesthetic as well as a compact look.

Tactical Dad Kick starter

Tactical Dad Kick starter

Tactical Dad Kick starter is a very small bag like a baby carrier. It resembles such a bag that can be enough to put all the necessary things while going on a hiking. Most of the times it looks like a military pack. One of the amazing things about tactical dad kick starter is that it is a baby carrier that attaches to the front of the diaper bag. It means that you will be having your cute child connected to your chest facing outwards and you will be having your tactical bag at your back that will be holding all your necessities. With this baby carrier, there is no need for any other baby carrier. It is one of the best baby carrier ever used.

Tactical baby carriers come in a wide range. Keeping in view the safety of your baby and the reviews, choose the baby carrier wisely.

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