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Are you thinking to take your child on a bike ride? Of course, you can. Most of the people think that after having a baby their life will get change and they won’t be able to have fun anymore but most of the parents think of the other way. Taking your child along with you on your bike will be a great fun. Just imagine yourself, taking your child along on your bike to the park. It will not only let him experience the adventure but will also increase his excitement. But before you take your child on a bike ride, make sure that you have the best child bike carrier.

What is Bike Child Carrier?

Bike child carriers are the carriers that can be adjusted on your bike for your child to sit. The bike baby carrier is for the toddlers or the kids who are not old enough to adjust themselves on a bike. There are five types of bike carriers for child. These five types are

  • Bicycle Trailers
  • Front – mounted bike seats
  • Rear – mounted bike seats
  • Trailer – cycles
  • Tow ropes

Bike Front Child Carrier

Among all the types of carriers mentioned above, bike front carrier is considered as best. This carrier not only helps in interaction with the child but also helps to keep an eye on him from safety’s point of view. It also enables the kid to see where he is going.

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Things to Consider When Buying Bike Child Carrier

There are certain factors that must be kept in mind when you are. Consider the age and weight of your child. When it comes to the bike or cycle carrier, consider bike frame and comfortable seat.

  • Age & Weight

Most of the child bike carriers are already designed for the kids who are really small in age. If you have a very young child, it is highly recommended to get a front child carrier. It will not only help the younger to get fit properly but will also help the parents to keep an eye on them throughout the entire journey. Try to make an estimate of his weight. It will not only aid in choosing the right carrier but will also enable you to choose the strongest one.


  • Bike Frame

Bike frames also vary from one another when it comes to choosing the baby carrier for your child. Some bike frames come in a single piece that can be attached directly to your bike whereas some come with a separate seat rack. Choose the bike seat wisely.

Bike trailer also can be used as a child bicycle carrier. But we are not recommending bike trailer for very small kids. But if anyone interested, you can try Bell or Blackburn Copilot Taxi Bike Child Carrier on Amazon..

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Top 5 Bike Child Carriers

bike baby carrier

Today, there is a range of bike child carriers in the market. All you have to do is make a research and choose the bike child carrier wisely as it is about your child’s safety. Among all the other bike child carriers, these five child carriers are considered the best bike child carriers.

  1. WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Child Carrier

bike child carrier

When it comes to child bike carrier then WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Bike Carrier is considered to be the most reliable in terms of comfort as well as safety. This baby carrier is fully covered with ultra-thick pads to make you sure that there is not even a single point that can make your child uncomfortable.

Another best feature about WeeRide Kangaroo child carrier is that it has a padded headrest which is the utmost need while riding a bike with your kid. In this child bicycle carrier, you don’t have to worry about your sleeping child as it is reliable in safety possessing oversized buckle system. It is also considered as the best one because if you want to share the best views of your surrounding with your little one, you can easily do this. This bicycle child carrier also distributes the weight load evenly so that the front of your bike stays light.

  1. Thule RideAlong Mini Bike Seat

bike child carrier

This bicycle child carrier or child seat is designed by keeping in mind the age of infants. It provides supreme protection to your infant by protecting him from 5 sides. It also has pads to provide your child with a comfortable ride. The foot pads and footrests are adjustable that means you can adjust the size with the growing size of your child. Thule RideAlong Mini Baby Carrier comes with a soft handlebar that the young ones can grasp during their ride. Another feature of this carrier is that the seat or can be mounted or dismounted within seconds. Moreover, it has a safety indicator that tells you either the seat is put on correctly or not.

  1. iBert Child Safe – T – Seat

If you have a kid who is older less than a year, then this child carrier (child seat) suits the best for you. It has a unique design where the seat is directly attached to the frame just behind the handlebars. This helps the parents to see their child and keep him engaged with them during the ride. It not only allows the little rider to see the best view but also helps to distribute the weight on the front of your bike evenly.

  1. Yepp Mini

bike child carrier

Yepp Mini is another bike carrier that is suitable for the kids with the age of around 12 months. This child carrier possesses a soft and shock – absorbing seat that is adjustable from 5 points. This carrier has a handlebar for the child to hold on during their ride. Yepp maxi is also another popular child bike seat from Yepp. Both Yepp mini and Yepp maxi hold equal positions, that’s why I only point out one.


  1. Topeak Baby Seat II

bike child carrier

This child carrier surrounds your child deeply from three sides. It is so deep that you can easily adjust a helmet on your child’s head within this carrier. It minimizes the possibilities of road rash and keeps your child safe.

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