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Types of Baby Carriers – How to Choose the Best? (Updated 2019)

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Baby Carrier

Since newborns and older babies have different desires, choosing a baby carrier is tricky business. An older baby wants to stretch their legs and see the world and a newborn wants to snuggle close with their head on your chest.

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Do you seriously need a baby carrier?

Numerous parents say the baby carrier is their most essential child outfit thing. Mainly baby carriers let parents go anywhere even with an infant. You may be considering: shouldn’t something be said about strollers? Most strollers aren’t suggested for babies more older babies than six months unless you utilize it with your auto situate or have a bassinet connection.

Besides the baby carriers have science on their side. A recent report found that infants who were conveyed three hours a day cried 43% less generally speaking and 54% less amid the night hours. Another reward? Physical contact with a child makes moms discharge oxytocin AKA the affection hormone. This advances a maternal bond which can enhance post birth anxiety and nervousness. That is a win-win situation.

Types of Baby Carriers

What are the different types of baby carriers? 

Most commonly we see that families choose two baby carriers: one for the infant arrange like a wrap and a structured soft baby Carrier for more bigger children or babies. And some families get one baby carrier, which is that acclimates to various ages.

  1. Wraps
  2.  Ring Slings
  3. Baby Carriers
  4. Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)
  5. Mei-Tai
  6. Baby backpack


Wraps are long rectangular bits of texture you use to attach your infant to your body. They are snuggly for infants who can’t hold their heads up yet and feel like being swaddled, which more grown-up children adore yet more established children find prohibitive. Figuring out how to appropriately origami those texture folds can look threatening, yet believe us, after a YouTube instructional exercise or two, you’ll be a specialist.

Types of Baby Carriers

Ring Slings

Slings resemble boxers or briefs. Parents who utilize ring slings either cherish them or despise them–and they realize what side they’re on.

They are awesome for more smoking atmospheres since they take into account a touch of wind stream. Furthermore, they’re truly easy to utilize. Be that as it may, they’re not the best ergonomic alternative since they put all the weight on your shoulder, yet they can look truly adorable.

Baby Carriers

Structured soft baby Carriers are typically composed on account of more seasoned children. However, some can be adjusted for infants by utilizing additional cushioning or changing the straps. They’re not exactly as snuggly as wraps, but rather they’re speedier to put on. Above all, baby carriers with cushioned straps and belts give more help when you’re conveying a more established (and heavier) infant.

Two critical contemplations for all Structured soft baby Carriers:

1) Look for a baby carrier where you can wear the child high up so you can kiss the forehead o the baby.

2) A wide or flexible seat circulates the child’s weight and keeps their hips solid as they develop.

With baby carriers, there are dependable tradeoffs. No baby carrier has it all. These are the three principle includes that guardians need to choose about: it can be utilized from birth without an embed, high weight confines so you can convey a baby and front oriented choice for inquisitive infants who need to peer out.

Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)

These types of carriers are most suitable for parents who are looking for a more comfortable + structured setup. With my experience, I would recommend this for babies weight less than 35 pounds.


It’s no doubt that Mei – Tai offers maximum comfort and flexibility. People say mei-tai is one of the oldest baby carriers in the world. These carriers look more traditional, but there are mei tai carriers with new styles.

Baby backpack

As the name says, these types of carriers are designed similar to backpacks. There are other carriers which can be used as a back carrier. But this one is specially designed as a usual backpack and it cannot be used as a front carrier or other methods.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Baby Carrier

The benefit of having the baby carrier make the choice of whether you should own one fairly easy. Once you have chosen to buy one it is a good idea to learn about the key features that will help determine the best carrier for you. Nowadays there are a lot of different types of carriers on the market like the front carriers, baby slings, back carriers, baby pouches and wrap carriers and this can make the choice a little overwhelming. A key starting point is to figure out what is the main purpose you want the carrier for and how and when are you going to use it.

Today, it is common to see parents putting their child on the best baby carrier. It has become a very useful thing because it permits efficient multi-tasking. You see, carrying a baby on your hands can limit you greatly in accomplishing a lot of activities but with a carrier, you can still have both hands free, so you can finish a lot of tasks. It is very convenient for you and if you are able to choose the right one, it will also bring your child comfort. Here are some things to consider ensuring that you will end up with the one that will be the best baby carrier:

  • Weight distribution

This is beneficial to both you and your child because, with the right distribution of weight, your child will not feel tired, hurt or uncomfortable even when he is carried for a long time. It also goes the same with you because when the pressure is not concentrated in just one area, you can barely feel any discomfort at all even in long walks.

  • Choice of fabric

It is also necessary that you pick the right material for the baby carrier. This will ensure that no matter what the season is, you can still maximize its usage. Going for natural fabrics is better than choosing a synthetic one since the earlier permits good circulation of air.

  • Head support

Very young babies will have difficulty supporting their heads yet so it is important that you look for this feature in the carrier that you will buy. This is a very important attribute since it can guarantee both the safety and convenience of your child.

  • Try it on

Before you pay, better try it on first, preferably with your baby in it so that you can determine if it fits properly or not and if it feels comfortable or otherwise. This is essential in your decision because comfort and convenience are the main reasons why you are investing on it, so you better make sure that you get just that.

  • Adjustment

Another feature of the best baby carrier that you may like to consider is how much it can be adjusted and how easy it is to adjust. Will your carrier be suitable for a baby of all sizes and could your partner who is a different size and build be able to wear it too? There are now some baby carriers that have inserts which make it suitable for a newborn but when removed, makes it also suitable for an older baby right through to a toddler. This makes the carrier more versatile and better value as you will be able to use it for longer. This carrier may be more expensive but you will also get more use out of them.

  • The course price

Another tip to consider is of course price. This will vary upon your own circumstances and also to how often you see yourself using a carrier. Parents who would like to carry their baby close to them more often and for longer will place more emphasis on a better quality made product and will choose to have a higher budget than those who may only wish to wear it on occasion.

Keeping your baby close to you, especially in the early months, is very important for both you and your baby.

Not only does it help to bond but it also provides developmental benefits. A good supportive best baby carrier is a great investment for you and your baby and is a great way to start an enriching parenting experience.

A lot of retailers will claim that they have the best baby carrier but that fact can only be determined by you because different parent-child tandems have varying requirements and demands. Know what is yours so that you will end up with the one that will give the best value for your investment.

Any other considerations before buying baby carriers?

What baby carriers suit the climate?

Wraps can be somewhat warm and contracting in a hot climate, particularly on the off chance that they’re made of thick texture. A ring sling in a breathable texture may be your best choice for hot summer months. For baby carriers, a few brands have work or cool air choices that can likewise be extraordinary for hot months or on the off chance that you tend to run warm even in the winter.

Will you have to stuff the baby carrier into a diaper pack?

Wraps are long lengths of texture that tend to overlay little to slip into your diaper pack, while Structured soft baby Carriers have a tendency to be excessively cumbersome, making it impossible to smoosh into a diaper sack. In case you’re progressing a ton, a wrap may be an astonishing choice until the point that you move up to a structured soft baby Carriers or straight to a stroller.

Still, want to buy something fashionable?

Most baby carriers in the market offer many shades of greys, beige and dark. However, some more up to date marks, as Tula, Solly, and Wild bird, have a mind-boggling scope of prints and hues to suit your taste and closet. That’s when your babies are being proud of a stylish parent.

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